Small Steps Towards a Big Goal

When it comes to practicing sustainability for the sake of our environment, many people believe their efforts are unsubstantial, or that they won’t make a difference. After all, there are billions of people on this earth – certainly one person’s sustainability efforts couldn’t possibly help our environment if the majority of the population is lacking in their sustainability practice. Right?


Well unfortunately, that is the mentality many people choose to take. When it comes to making simple lifestyle changes, such as using reusable cups instead of disposable ones, or taking a five minute shower instead of a ten minute one, most people believe their individual efforts won’t make a difference, so they often choose not to make them at all.


But when it comes to achieving a big goal - such as cleaner oceans, or better air quality, or just an overall greener environment – efforts must start small. That means each and every single one of our efforts has some sort of impact. Whether that be a direct impact on the environment itself, or a ripple effect to others in your community, your efforts are not meaningless. The city of Malibu, California has figured out that little efforts can go a long way.


As of June 1st, 2018, Malibu banned the use and sale of single-use plastic silver wear, straws, and other utensils in all shops and restaurants within the city of Malibu. Coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants offer substitutes made from various other resources such as paper and bamboo.


In a city of just 12,000 people, the citizens of Malibu have realized even the smallest of initiatives towards saving our planet can have an impact. So, the next time that you feel as if your sustainability practices are pointless, think again. Everyone has the power to make a difference.