Day 1


Welcome to this unique yoga challenge that is not only sure to awaken your divine feminine energy, but also strengthen your physical body and relax your mind!  


I welcome you to incorporate the use of yoni eggs into this challenge.  If they are new to you and you’d like to know more about them, please watch the following video ALL ABOUT YONI EGGS.

With our tendency to rush around day to day and week to week, I find it essential to make my time on my mat a space in which I can slow down, be present, and give myself what I need so that I may go out into the world and give my best self to others.  These next 10 days will bring us into the present moment, activate our divine feminine energy, get our creative juices flowing and teach us to appreciate ourselves for who we are.  


Okay, let's get down to business!  For Day 1 we will be practicing Sensual Yoga 101.  This is a short flow that will introduce you to the basic movements and mindset of sensual yoga.  Try not to overthink these movements, but rather let your mind go a bit, maybe close your eyes from time to time, tune into the breath and allow that to be your guide.  You'll notice that there's a bit of self touch from time to time.  Haha, nothing sexual, but just the simple act of running your hands down your thighs can not only help bring awareness to that area of the body, it can be so therapeutic physically and emotionally.  Our human need for touch is literally in our DNA.  Touch is essential for babies to develop physically, emotionally, and socially.  It is the first of our senses we develop.  Touch lowers our blood pressure and releases oxytocin. When we touch someone we love, we acknowledge their presence and communicate our feelings for them. When we touch ourselves, we acknowledge ourselves and we begin to feel warmly towards our self.  


Since this is a short flow, I know many of you will want a bit more out of your practice.  I'm also going to include the Slow Deep Stretch class which is a yummy slow paced flow that will warm and open the entire body. Feel free to practice this flow in addition to Sensual Yoga 101 if you like--but no pressure!






Day 2


For day 2 it's an oldie but a goodie!  We simply couldn't have a sensually themed challenge without including the SACRAL CHAKRA FLOW!  The Sacral chakra is the ruler of our sexuality and creativity. When our sacral chakra is balanced we are enjoying all of the pleasures this life has to offer and are feeling zero guilt about it.  After all, sensuality itself is the gratification of physical pleasure!  Now that's something I can get down with haha!


In this practice we will be incorporating fluid movement, visualization and meditation to clear any blockages in our second chakra.  I encourage you to wear the color orange and include an element of water in this practice if possible.  Both will add to the effectiveness of this yummy practice.  


For those that may be new to the chakra system, or just want to brush up on it, I'll be including a video discussing the chakras that I invite you to watch.  






Day 3


For the first couple of days we have been exploring the basic movements and concepts of sensual yoga.  Now that we've gone over the significance of the Sacral Chakra in this movement style, Day 3 will introduce the importance of the yoni.  Yoni means sacred space and it is the source of our power.  It is often associated with mula bandha.  We don't have to have a yoni to practice mula bandha engagement. We only need to know how to activate this area.  It's the same muscle engagement as we would do with a kegell exercise or if we were to stop the flow of urine.  It is a muscle and needs to be exercised like any other muscle in the body.  It is especially essential for women to be in tune with yoni maintenance. Many women become disconnected from this area as they age or post child birth.  I will link the ALL ABOUT YONI EGGS video below in case you didn’t watch it on day 1.


For Day 3 we will practice the Yoni Flow, the last of our foundational tutorials in this challenge.  It is recommended that you practice with a yoni egg if you have one (and if you have a yoni) ;). However, it is certainly not required and you'll still benefit greatly without one.  






Day 4


I am super duper excited to share this next flow with you all!  For day 4 we are practicing the SLOW MO FLOW.  This flow is most like my current daily personal practice than any other flow on the site.  


We will be departing from the usual style of vinyasa flow in which we connect a single breath per movement.  We will be moving much slower for most of the practice.  It may take several breaths to transition between asanas.  This slower pace really allows us to be present with all the micro movements and general yumminess of the transitions.  Think of savoring your flow like you would a delicious food.  Draw it out.  Enjoy each bite.  Gently swirl it around in your mouth to extract every bit of flavor before swallowing.  Notice if your mind tends to rush forward and yearn for the next posture.  If so, try to pause and bring it into the present moment by bringing awareness to all of your body parts, noticing how they are feeling individually and as a whole.  


You'll be surprised by how much strength is required to take a slow motion vinyasa.  It requires more from us physically and mentally to move in this fashion.  I'm always frustrated when I attend a public yoga class as they tend to move too quickly for me.  Momentum is used to rush through surya namaskara quickly.  We will be doing the opposite here.  So many of us have an overwhelming number of tasks to perform each day and we feel like we're running a race.  Take this time on your mat to really SLOW DOWN.  Notice.  Drink it in.  Be where you are right now.  




Day 5


Yesterday we slowed things down in order for us to be present in every little micro step between the asanas.  Today, we will be picking up the pace slightly with the SWEATY GODDESS FLOW.  You'll see some of your favorite sultry transitions and lots of Goddess inspiring hip openers.  Keep that presence of mind we cultivated yesterday as we move like water through this flow.


If you're a yoga newbie and you're not feeling up to SWEATY GODDESS FLOW, you can practice the tutorial BEGINNER SLOW DEEP STRETCH. This is also a good option if you're in need of a restorative day.






Day 6


For day 6 we will be enjoying some major self love time with the LOVE YOURSELF UP flow.  This flow incorporates lots of self touch which is an essential ingredient in any sensual practice.  Part of me wants to go into a whole spiel about how touch is so very important and therapeutic and so many of us don't take the time for proper self care, blah blah blah!  But the best thing to do is to just get on your mats and experience it for yourself.  I genuinely enjoy this class and I hope you do too!




Day 7


We will be keeping the pace with the RHYTHMIC SLOW FLOW for day 7.  This class is all about riding the waves of your breath.  Just allowing the movement to follow naturally with the fluid breath as your guide.  Every inhale creates more internal space and every exhale allows us to surrender more deeply into asana. 


If you're in need of a rest today, practice the BEGINNER SLOW DEEP STRETCH.  






Day 8


For Day 8 we will be changing things up a bit by moving into the heart chakra and flowing to BRINGING SEXY BACK (BENDS)!  We'll still be moving in our classic sensual style while focusing on spinal mobility and heart chakra opening.  


This tutorial has some elements that are a tad more advanced, such as full split and some deeper back bending.  If you're a beginner, feel free to give it a mindful go and modify when needed.  Otherwise you can choose the "BEGIN TO BEND" tutorial which is a bit more gentle.  






Day 9


For our second to last day we will be practicing the ALL THINGS LUNAR flow.  I love love love this flowwwww!  It's a short one, but I was elated to see how profoundly the practice shifted my mood in such a short amount of time!  was a new person after this 23 minute practice.  I hope you enjoy it as well.


Slow is the name of the game in this flow.  Drink it in and enjoy.




Day 10


For the final day we are practicing THE MEDITATIVE YONI FLOW.  This class is the quintessential slow it down and connect deeply within flow.