How do I cancel my membership?

Simply login and go to the main member page. You'll see the link to cancel under the 4 member links.

Is there a fee to cancel my membership?

No, you can cancel at anytime and you'll finish out your paid for month.

What does the membership involve?

You'll have access to full-length yoga classes, private videos, our daily food journals showing you everything we eat, as well as a forum to answer all your questions and build community.

I'm a member and when I login it takes me to a word press homepage?

Your card has failed several times and you were demoted to a subscriber. To receive member access again simply login and go to the sign up page and add a new form of payment.

Is the website iPhone, iPad, and Android user friendly?


Are there beginner Yoga Classes available for Members?

Yes. The website offers a wide range of classes from beginner to intermediate/advanced with different class lengths.

How long are the Yoga Tutorials for Members?

They range from 15 minutes to 1 hour+ allowing you to fit in a daily practice around your schedule.