Diets vs. Lifestyle Changes

Many people like to refer to being vegan as a diet. I like to think of it as more of a lifestyle choice. Think about it – the number one goal of a diet is to lose weight, and if that’s your main motivation for going vegan, you aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

I’m not vegan because I want to be a size zero, I’m vegan because I want to give my body the very best it can get while advocating for our planet and the lives of animals who don’t have their own voice.

Here’s the thing about the diet industry – they operate under a business model that keeps your weight cycling. This means that diets are not designed for long term weight loss. Basically, here’s what happens:

• You start a diet because you want to lose weight
• You stick with the diet until you lose your desired amount of weight
• You go back to your old eating habits you had before the diet
• You gain the weight back
• The diet cycle restarts

Diets are “successful” at promoting quick weight loss because of the degree to which they restrict calories. The extent to which most diets restrict calories is not sustainable for long periods of time. This is why once people lose the weight, they gain it right back because they go back to eating a normal number of calories.

Going vegan is not about cutting calories. The health benefits of being vegan are well documented. A plant based diet is richer in nutrients, it can lower blood sugar levels, and it protects us against many different diseases – just to name a few of the health benefits. And sure, you’ll probably even naturally lose a little weight when you cut out the processed junk and replace it with wholesome plant based ingredients. But being vegan goes way beyond those things by the way it can protect our animals and our environment.

It’s no surprise that our Earth is in a lot of danger - just look at what’s going on in the Amazon Rainforest. In less than a week, there were approximately 9,500 fires reported in the Amazon Rainforest region. The sad thing about those fires is that they were NOT an accident.

The fires are a direct result of animal agriculture. Cattle farmers deliberately start these fires in order to make room for more animals. The meat industry is destroying our planet just to make more of a profit.

The Amazon rainforest produces 20% of our planets oxygen. It’s nickname is “lungs of the planet”. And yet, the meat industry still does not seem to care as long as they can make a little bit more money.

The earth is losing oxygen, and animals are losing their home all as a direct result of the meat industry. By cutting meat out of our diet we are not only benefiting from the health benefits of a plant based diet, we are joining the fight to save our planet – that’s why being vegan is so much more than a diet.