5 Vegan Friendly Clothing Brands to Add to Your Closet

When it comes to vegan clothing, it is easier than ever to find stylish clothing that looks good and feels even better to buy. There is a huge variety of ethical brands on the market that offer clothing that has all of the style that offerings from big designers do with none of the trade offs. If we shift our focus from “Fast Fashion” brands that promise low cost clothing at the cost of our environment, we can lower our carbon footprint and help foster a healthier environment. Here are five brands that are good enough to become a staple in your home!

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin is a clothing brand created in 2001 with the mission of creating stylish cruelty-free shoes. They are made using materials that are both recycled and come from low-energy manufacturing to reduce their impact on the environment. All of the shoes are designed in Brighton, UK and hand-made in Spain. They have been featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Grazia and have even won awards from both PETA and Vegan Society. The company currently uses about 70% recycled materials to make their shoes, with the goal of being 100% recycled by 2025. This is the perfect brand for anyone living a sustainable luxury lifestyle.

Plant Faced

If streetwear is your style, look no further than Plant Faced. This new and popular clothing brand offers casual t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories that won’t break the bank. They represent the image of a modern clothing brand that maintains the core belief of supporting safe, human and ethical manufacturing processes using organic and plant-based materials. Their shirts communicate a message, with plant inspired logos and slogans made with water-based inks, in order to start a conversation.


With both high quality fabrics and trendy designs Reformation is a brand that appeals to the inner fashionista. Reformation a brand that pays attention to the impact of fashion, and finds ways to get around the downsides without sacrificing style. This brand offers partially-recycled clothing that is made using green waste, water and energy practices. All of their offerings are made using fair and ethical labor, sustainable manufacturing, and green energy practices sourced locally. While there are some tradeoffs to be made, Reformation is one of the largest sustainable clothing companies on the market today!

Native Shoes

Native Shoes makes high-quality, recycled, and animal-free shoes that the whole family can wear. The company that withholds the slogan to “Live Lightly” and focuses on designed products that create a lighter, healthier and happier world. By 2023, the company's’ shoes will be made from 100% life cycle managed materials. Their shoes come in a variety of bright and neutral colors, and they offer trendy styles that can fit any occasion.

SUSI Studio

This LA-based shoe company wholly embraces veganism with upscale leather-look shoes that don’t use hides, hair or skin. They are wholly transparent with their vegan practices, and exercise a cruelty-free philosophy that goes above and beyond. The focus of Susi is to inspire compassion towards humanity, animals and the environment by using creativity. For upscale shoes that are versatile and animal-free, SUSI is your one-stop shop.