5 Popular Vegan Restaraunts in Los Angeles

Many people seem to have mixed feelings about the city of Los Angeles. It seems like people tend to either love it or hate it. Regardless of someone's overall perception of the city, most people can agree that LA has a very expansive food scene. Thanks to the extensive list of restaurants the city offers, finding a vegan restaurant is a breeze. Here's a list of five popular vegan restaurants in the city!


  1. Gracias Madre


Located in West Hollywood, Gracias Madre is a favorite in the Los Angeles Vegan community. Specializing in vegan Mexican cuisine, Gracias Madre has everything from fresh guacamole, to salads, nachos, tacos, and enchiladas. The nachos featuring a cashew cheese are one of the most popular dishes.


  1. Café Gratitude


With several locations around L.A, Café Gratitude has solidified itself as one of the most beloved lunch spots in the city. Not only is the food delicious, the entire dining experience at Café Gratitude fosters the importance of gratefulness and positivity. Each menu item is named after a positive affirmation and the waiter always asks their tables what they are grateful for that day. Try one of their several bowls for a filling meal or just stop in to munch on their buffalo cauliflower appetizer.


  1. Native Foods Café


This Westwood establishment has captured the vegan community with its good service and even better prices. Native Foods has also captured the love of their diners by giving them an expansive and diverse global dining experience. The restaurant offers dishes ranging from thai meatballs, all the way to chickpea tikka masala. And for those who like to stick with the basics, their BBQ burger is a staple of the menu.


  1. Cruzer Pizza & Pasta


Where are my vegan pizza lovers at?! This one is for you! Located in Los Feliz is Cruzer Pizza & Pasta. Don’t expect anything fancy, but if you’re looking for that quick pizza fix – this is the place to be. They even offer a gluten free crust made of rice if you also happen to be gluten free!


  1. Shojin


Located in Little Tokyo, Shojin is a vegan Japanese sushi restaurant focusing on fresh food and ingredients. It’s one of the most popular vegan sushi restaurants in the city and a popular place for a date night. The best part? Their menu promises “no chemical preservatives, no artificial color and no chemical seasonings”